All pause for her Sweet Face with arresting eyes.


Not just another sweet face, Azure is a modern lady. She owns and operates a Yoga Studio, and studies Kung-fu. Azure is a self made girl and demands high standards from those around her.


  • My pride will not allow me to fail, I shall become a successful cavaliere and reach the Dark Tower.
  • I can not abide neurotic women, who play victim. Women like my sister need to be forced to change.


  • Make time to train when we make camp.
  • I distrust men, because they always seem to have one thing on their minds, my body.


  • Cool +3
  • Hard -1
  • Hot +2
  • sharp +1
  • weird -1


  • Ice cold: when you go aggro on an NPC, roll+cool instead of roll+hard. When you go aggro on another player’s character, roll+Hx instead of roll+hard.
  • Impossible reflexes: the way you move unencumbered counts as armor. If you’re naked or nearly naked, 2-armor; if you’re wearing non-armor fashion, 1-armor. If you’re wearing armor, use it instead.
  • get +1 sharp (max +2)
  • Dangerous & sexy: when you enter into a charged situation, roll+hot. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7–9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make eye contact with an NPC present, who freezes or flinches and can’t take action until you break it off. On a miss, your enemies identify you immediately as their foremost threat.
  • Eyes on the Door? Solace Read Place?, Devil Blade?


  • Shotgun and 45 Shells
  • Short sword 3 harm

Azure earned her name as a fashion model for her arresting blue eyes. She soon left the world of molding behind, starting her own chain of Ashtanga Yoga studios. Proud of her purified body and her efforts to help other achieve their best. Knowing both the business and the spiritual side of yoga, she has crushed rivals without mercy.


Azure began practicing Kung-fu as a kid, often using her skills to dissuading aggressive men. With her stunning looks she has won many a Wu Shu trophy, even adopting a stylish uniform.


Soul Caliber’s Ivy has often intrigued, azure. Wishing to own a similar weapon, lead her to master both the sword and the chain whip. Attending conventions as Ivy, she takes pleasure in the audience left groveling and drooling in her wake.

Now she has taken her first step down the road to the Dark Tower. Assuming she is one of these knight that are doomed to fail. Azure is not yet sure if she is doing the right thing, but her will and pride will not allow her to fail.


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