Veteran soldier, he's seen some shit.


Vesp’s been around. It’s easy to tell, what with the grazes, cuts, dents and bullet patches in his armor. Even without the armor, his scarred face would tell you right away that this man isn’t one to be fucked with. That, or he had a bad shave after a bender.

Look into his eyes, and you can tell he’s seen some bad shit in his time. Killed a lot of people. He’d say too many. He doesn’t want to kill if he can avoid it, but when he starts, it’s hard to get him to stop.

Cool +1 Hard +2 Hot +1 sharp +1 weird +0

Battle-hardened: when you act under fire, roll+hard instead of roll+cool.
Insano like Drano: you get 1 hard (hard3).
Prepared for the inevitable: you have a well-stocked and high-quality first aid kit. It
counts as an angel kit (cf) with a capacity of 2-stock.
Bloodcrazed: whenever you inflict harm, inflict +1 harm.

get 1 sharp (max sharp2)

get a new gunlugger move (Bloodcrazed)

+2 Armor

Big Guns
Assault Rifle 3-Harm close loud autofire (silenced)
60 rounds -10

Serious Guns
Hunting Rifle 2-Harm far loud
12 Rounds
Shotgun 3-Harm close messy
50 Lethal Shells
49 Non-lethal Shells

Backup Weapons
Many Knives




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