small and slight of build with deep set pale eyes and caramel skin


A stranger in a strange land
Cool 1
Hard 2
Hot 1
Sharp 2
Weird 2


Unnatural lust transfixion
casual brain receptivity
in-brain puppet strings


m-1 carbine Rifle & bayonet
ornate dagger
two handed clever

Brainer gear

Violation glove
Deep ear plugs

Jonas hails from the primitive desert lands known as the great glass sea. A simple man, Jonas often finds himself in situations he doesn’t comprehend. However his willful belief in his destiny and his deities (The Dust Mother, Sky Father and Shai-Hulld) serve him as a much needed compass in these unfamiliar dunes. Before being chosen as a champion for the light. Jonas earned his water as a “Fremen”

A type of fortune-telling priest.
Now he is determined to eliminate the evil that wishes to destroy the tower and all that it stands for.


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