The Dark Tower

A Western Town

Succulent Long Pig

Our adventurers escaped the deserted beach finding a way back to their old lives and discovered things were not the same. Traveling between worlds leaves a mark, setting you apart from the mundane world. Our adventurers find themselves ignored, discounted, and quickly losing their grip on reality. But not everyone was ignoring them. Malevolent watchers with unknown intentions began to appear in greater frequency, sometimes seen, sometimes felt. And a mysterious woman arrives, bearing a cryptic message of destiny, as each unlikely hero is called upon to defend the center of all worlds, become champions of light.

Having little choice and feeling themselves compelled onward, each goes in search of a way to cross over, the thinnies. But the path between worlds is never easy and sometimes sacrifice is demanded. Vesp, a young military-minded man with a penchant for firearms, finds himself inexplicably staring down a bus at a busy intersection, the collision probably leaving little remains for the authorities as he is hurled bodily into some other place and time, to be joined soon after by the brave beauty, Azure, and the quirky little man with powers yet untapped, Jonas. As difficult as it is to leave behind all they knew, the challenge ahead would test their sanity and morality even more. A sleepy western town with an incongruous mixture of old world and new is discovered to be a den of cannibals, worshipping Judas the Deceiver and led by their sinister priest, Cy Snoodles. The ka-tet argues whether to attempt to leave peacefully or rain justice on the town – lead justice. The decision is made as the Judas Priest demands their surrender. Bullets fly filling the air with red mist and the sounds of a deadly mob turned into buzzard meat. But not before the heroes learn of another captive who must surely be the reason they’ve been delivered here. Deciding death is not enough, Azure begins to purge the town like a cankerous boil, setting fire to several buildings as they seek their fourth, recognizing the woman who had spoken to them before. As she is loosed from the cell where she was probably waiting to be the townsfolk’s next meal, she declares the town a den of evil that must be razed from existence.


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