The Dark Tower

The Worlds Backlash

To Oracle or To no Oracle

We watched Judastown burn, moving a safe distance from survivors to make camp and paliver. Aileen tells her story. Jonas and Vesp attempts to reach into the energy of this strange world, to divine the nature of the ka-tet’s quest. The not quite disastrous lash back left us fighting strange creatures and a new urgency to find answers.

A meeting with a group of traders, further emphasizing our inexperience in Gilead. Jonas seeking to trade for spices, and items of power, goes into a seizure. The scared traders actions nearly cause Azure and Vesp to eliminate them.

Now they are on their way to the Oracle which gave Aileen the impetus to unite the four. Will the Oracle know more? Will it be willing to help? And what price will it demand for such information? Will Vesp’s offer to pay the oracles price stand?


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