The Dark Tower

A Bridge to no Where

Where we become a medical experiment

(outline of events need to detail it yet)

  • After making sure the town will survive we travel North East on our quest
  • Camp Buzz sound
    • Weird and Sharp Rolls
    • Found nothing
  • Reach a Three way Branch in the road, Sandytown, River Gorge Bridge, Kanopolis
  • Choose the bridge route
  • Army just finished crossing the bridge, How will be kill or sabotage the Army or Cyborgs?
  • Bridge rigged for explosives
  • Debate to race across
  • Buzz sound
  • Bridge Explodes
  • Camp, Dire Wolves get a horse
    • Vesp take out two
    • Azure Takes out one.
    • jonus kills the wounded horse
    • Ilene lost her horse and will ride with Jonus
  • Head to Kanopolis since it is north
  • Camp in Curtis’s yard
    • Azure makes smalltalk
    • Jonus makes friend with the mastiff
    • Give simple gift of canned food
    • Receive hot food Supper and breakfast
    • Jonus no one seems a threate
  • Kanoplies
    • Spread out, with farms around city
    • City of 20K people
    • Trade Wool, wood and maybe ore
    • Appear nice so far
  • Report to City Council that the bridge is out
    • Only one Council member and a recorder
    • Curtis stayed and listened
    • No Cartographer, but may be an antique map, or map in the city records
  • City Council, asked for help with a strange disease in exchange for a map, horse supplies, and a guide. We agreed to at least talk with the doctor.


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