• Collection of GM Advice
  • Three Questions of Conflict
  • Backwards and Forward
    • My personal philosophy on how a role-playing games create story. It’s about the choices and action the characters take. That we as players are the audience to a drama staged in our minds. That we should make our characters act theatrically.
  • Play Sorcerer
    • There are 81 entries, This along with Backwards and Forward have shaped my belief on how to GM and tell a story; allowing for a high degree of player agency. Vince Baker and Apocalypse World and its principles helped me to finally codify how I want to GM.
  • Play Passionately
    • This is similar to what I’m trying to write.
  • As GM Don’t Plot


Fantasy Economics

Role-playing games are much like radio adventures, except for one important detail: they’re interactive. One player provides the narrative and some of the dialogue, but the other players, instead of just sitting and envisioning what’s going on, actually participate. Each player controls the actions of a player in the story, decides on his actions, supplies his character’s dialogue, and makes decisions based on the character’s personality, and his current game options.
— Aaron Allston, Rules Cyclopedia, 1991


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