Three Questions of Conflict

Three Question of a conflict

Place characters in a situations where they have to make choices that matter. Make the characters real, and make the choices matter. Choice that matter cause a character to change and grow. Ask the following question about the situation.

  1. What happens if the players do not intervene?
  2. Who may profit from the conflict?
  3. Who may suffer from the conflict?

An alternate more character driven set of questions.

Conflict is whenever a character has a desire and the motivation to achieve that desire, and there is an obstacle something blocking them from achieve their desire. Both a motivation and an obstacle must be present to have a conflict. A character talks or takes an action to overcome an obstacle. To understand any dialog or action, the motivation and the hindrance that is being overcome must be known. Conflict is the force that drive a role playing game and makes it interesting, it what makes it more than just reciting a story.

There 4 kinds of obstacles:

  • Me against Myself : The conflict is between me and my own reservations.
  • Me against Others : The conflict is between me and you.
  • Me against Society : My adversary is not you, it against society. I stole your stamp collection and am now wanted by the FBI.
  • Me against Fate, Natural forces, the universe, or god : This not a conflict you’re likely to win, It is you against the world.

Ask yourself these question, when you have conflict.

  1. Who wants what?
  2. What happens if they don’t get it?
  3. Why now?

Three Questions of Conflict

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